Are you feeling stressed out about school?

  • Do you feel like you don’t know how to study?
  • Does it feel like every time you do well on a test, it’s a lucky accident, and you want to be more intentional in how you study?
  • Do you feel confused about the material - but you’re not sure how to ask your teacher what you’re confused about?
  • Do you sometimes show up to class and are caught by surprise that there’s a test or homework due?
  • Do you struggle with planning for long-term assignments like projects or essays?

Students - does this describe you?

Parents - does this sound like your child?

Then grab our free Empowered Learner Planner.

This planner, offered in digital & printable formats, guides students through a reflection process that is grounded in both research about learning and the strategies we’ve developed as coaches in our work with students.

Now I am a student who gets their work done on time and who cares about their grades and studies for tests.

This planner will:

  • Help you approach each day with confidence - no more surprises!
  • Provide a way to track both stated and unstated homework
  • Collect your questions about what you’re learning
  • Help you track due dates

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