MOVING TOWARDS PEACE: Empowering Family Conversations About Learning

Are you feeling stressed out about conversations with your child about school?

  • Do you want to help your child feel empowered and supported -- but feel like your conversations sometimes devolve into tears, yelling, or tension?
  • Does it feel like every time you mention homework, your child pulls away?
  • Do you want to have engaging, two-sided conversations with your child about school -- but find yourself having one-sided, pestering interrogations instead?


THIS IS THE BEST! I almost didn't come because of my own overwhelm, but now I feel so much less alone. What a gift this has been."

This training will guide you through uncovering:

  • How to make simple shifts to questions you're already asking that will lead to richer, more rewarding conversations with your child
  • How to lead your school-related conversations with YOUR educational values
  • How to focus on the whole picture of what's truly important about your child's learning - rather than just grades

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